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"Words are photographs of emotions, what else would you want to hold onto as a memento more than ; words."

Ella Misché was born in Trogir, Croatia - actress/writer/producer, to a famous Croatian Artist  family. Her mother Tommi Mischell known Croatian- American singer, her father Nick Kacic renowned sculptor in stone media. Ella relocated to US at age of 12.

Ella graduated from Acadmy of Dramatic Arts in New York, prior attending the Creative and Performing Arts High School in Philadelphia. Growing up in a complex artist family  set her expectations to become a multi disciplinary artist, Ella was always surrounded by musicians and actors and had her first acting debut in theatre at age 7.   While attending Academy of Dramatic art Ella's stage-play "Manhattan Lavander" a comedy, debuted off Broadway in New York. Ella's Film and TV acting  work include "The Winning Season" -Jim Strousse film, Gossip Girl, Law and Order.  

Ella was voted number One in "40 Under 40" most successful young Croatians in diaspora in 2018 and is part of Croatian American Professionals Association. 

"Toute La Vie" - a short film written and directed by Ella is currently in the film festival circuit from New York Independent Film Festival, Philadelphia Film Festival to London Film Festival, Hamptons Film Festival just to name a few.  

 "Nanogenesis" - Sci-fi action film Ella wrote  is currently under option as well as a family drama called "Velvet Sky". 

"Who We Are" : Lessons from New Yorkers  - is a documentary she had pleasure assistant directing and writing is currently up for network release. 

Current work:

Ella is currently in pre production of a feature film she wrote called " Bad Girls Empire" a mystery about art, love and obsession.

"Sixth Bus" is a feature film co executive produced by Galileo Films, Croatian -American co production. About a young woman trying to find out how her father disappeared never to be found, during a war in Croatia that stunned Europe and the world. It is about a search for identity; simmering beneath this need for resolution. The "Sixth Bus" is a search for truth in a place where truth is selective, elusive and even feared.

 "Immigrant Kingdom" is an immigrant story she co wrote with Gloria Kassar which is in development stages. 

 She is thrilled to be working as an actress and producer on film called "Kurt" featuring Matthew Lawrence.