Galileo Films

Why Galileo Films?

"Galielo Films" as film production company... "Stems from two very important places...Galileo Galilei the scientist, genius, among many inventions and discoveries is an inventor of a specific objective lenses which helps us even today in resulting cinematography looking the way it does...Most importantly - my grandfather Tome - was one of the most intelligent people I know, an engineer, master problem solver, kindest spirit that lives on..his nickname was Galileo by our family and friends - this is why I dedicate all my work to him."

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                                                             Galileo Films



                "Toute La Vie"


               Romance with an eerie twist 









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                       Will man's greed result in revolution of technology, or evolution of humanity?

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  Eyes are the windows

                          to your soul.

Your soul is a mirror


           of your memory,

 Your memory is


a self





         and the notion of


 is an illusion.





                                                    Welcome to the next dimension, 

                      welcome to